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”Jenny was a superb coach to both me and my leadership team. She has a clarity of vision that gets quickly to the point whilst her excellent, innate interpersonal skills enable her to gain rapid rapport with her clients so that the changes they make last. She is influential at all organisational levels’ 

Alan Ashbee, CEO Q-Park

‘How do you always seem to know what to ask?’ a question I recently posed to Jenny. Her intuition, incisive probing and insightful questioning have led me to raise my levels of personal awareness and embark on areas of personal change I so needed to do. My business and personal life has been transformed following her intervention. 

Dr Martin A. Blake, Head of Sustainability, Royal Mail Group

‘Jenny has a remarkable gift for renewing ones confidence and self-esteem. She swiftly helps you step beyond your self-imposed limitations, makes you aware of your misconceptions, and promptly removes them, opening up a wider view.  The work we did was deeply profound. Jenny gives life-changing guidance and help in just a couple of sessions. I highly recommend Jenny as a coach and therapist.

Susan Sheridan, Actress and voice coach

I first met Jenny in ’97 when she was a change management consultant with Barclays Bank plc,  with whom I was a senior Director. Jenny worked with all sectors of the bank delivering change programmes at all levels. I remember being impressed by her incisive observation, ability to deal confidently and challengingly with senior executives, her professionalism, total objectivity and ability to deal in a non-confrontational way with people and situations – important skills when dealing with change at this level.


Jenny later supported me when I left Barclays to lead the MBO  of a graphic print business (edotech Ltd.),working with people at all organisational levels with equal ease helping them to accept and contribute to change easily. Her personal ability to grasp and lead change swiftly and openly provides motivation and a catalytic re-action for others. She quickly understands individuals; their concerns, desires and motivations. As a consequence she is able to quickly effect and encourage change – in people and in organisations. I have no hesitation in recommending Jenny as an astute organisational strategist and a skilful and practical OD professional, coach and mentor.’ 

Sam Ferguson MD EDM Group.

‘I do believe your coaching sessions with me and the rest of the leadership team have changed the way others view me. Hopefully it will allow me to use my skills more effectively and hence be of greater benefit to the Company. Thankyou so much for all your efforts.’ 

Director, CAM Systems

‘ I feel  so lucky to have come across Jenny’s coaching team! Charlie has been a great coach and mentor

Sue Evans, Learning and Development Team, Communities and Local Government

“I selected Jenny from a list of coaches because her CV reflected a balance of experience of developing organisations and people. At our initial meeting, Jenny explored with me my role, my goals, my personal and organisational development needs, interpersonal skills and business relationships, and I left that meeting feeling very positive about the experience. Jenny clearly has a huge amount of experience and quickly grasped all of the issues, ideas, concerns and ambitions I raised with her. Within a few days, having completed a personality type questionnaire and begun my 360 feedback process, I felt I had really focused in on my own development and short, medium and long term objectives. I am looking forward to our future meetings. 

Tracy Evans, Chief Superintendent Avon and Somerset Constabulary

‘Jenny was fantastically helpful in helping me see things in perspective. She gave me the confidence to pursue my ambitions without hesitation and struck the right balance between active listening and constructive questioning. Her relaxed nature made me feel immediately at ease and she really empowered me to make positive changes to my life.’ HR Executive

“Jenny has a real knack for teasing out solutions when coaching.  She delves deep to pinpoint any issues to address them head on, identifying any barriers and building on these.  She has a professional, friendly approach and instils trust.” 

Principal Recruitment Consultant with leading agency

“The 1:1 coaching sessions were very well received. Jenny worked with individuals to deal with specific issues with excellent results and my personal coaching sessions with Jenny opened up a new line of thought-provoking realisations for me . We worked together to resolve specific issues and this helped me identify further areas for personal development.” 

Sheona Taylor Head of HR 23es

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