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Why wait? Be all that you can be today! 

Coaching and Mentoring services

  • Business Transformation, Change Management, Organisational Development

  • Personal and professional development

  • Interpersonal skills – self awareness and emotional intelligence, bullying, self – esteem

  • Career Counselling

  • Life issues and personal well being

  • Relationship issues

  • Leadership development

Understanding and being comfortable with yourself and using that knowledge to be the best you can be is one of the greatest keys to personal success. Understanding ourselves helps us to value our own and other’s difference and is crucial for: communication, rapport, leadership, teamworking, relationships, achievement, success, personal change (removing limiting beliefs and behaviours) and growth to achieve congruency with our core beings and the satisfaction and ‘success’ that that brings.

Business Coaching 

Executives lead busy lives… It has always been tough and lonely at the top but in today’s world it’s even tougher. Constant change has been a given for a number of years now but no-one has experienced the likes of this COVID global pandemic before which has raised the leadership game enormously. Decisions are harder and faster paced, often challenging values and ethics, with outcomes that are very difficult to predict but that have wide ranging and profound impacts. No-one can have all the answers. Your own personal coach or mentor can help you navigate through, to be more focused, confident, effective and authentic, challenging you to think differently and to change those limiting perceptions in all aspects of work and life.

Personal Coaching

Today’s fast paced personal, business and social changes mean we are all challenged at times. Our values and beliefs may be compromised, our sense of self and the things that are important in life challenged. Maybe we have no-one to talk to, chew the cud with, or maybe there is just too much to cope with at once. Its often difficult to see how to manage a career,  achieve that promotion, step out of the rut, save a marriage, cope with teenagers… Your personal coach can help you see the wood from the trees and to overcome limiting perceptions and beliefs so that you can achieve your true potential.

Self Awareness 

Coaching allows you to understand yourself and others, realise your strengths to perform at your best, increasing your personal well-being, effectiveness and value to your organisation and the important people in your life.

What’s the difference between coaching and mentoring?

Coaching enables you to unlock the resources in yourself with the coach working in a non directive manner without preconceived ideas of the subject matter or the best course of action

A mentor uses coaching skills and their personal experience and knowledge to help you be more effective.

Making it happen.
  • Call me for an complementary chat to discuss your issue, rates, timeframes, how we might work together, whether another coach in my team might be more suitable …

  • In your first session you we will agree areas to work on, goals to reach and a workable timetable for us both

  • Sessions can be anything from an hour to a half or whole break-through day

  • Your coach will expect openness and honesty from you together with a commitment to change

  • The coaching will be structured, focused, confidential and bespoke for you

What will you gain?
  • An independent sounding board

  • Increased clarity in decision making

  • Greater focus, effectiveness, confidence, success and less stress

  • A clearer plan for where you want to be in your career and life

  • Achievement of your goals in less time

  • Better communication skills

  • Improved work life balance

  • and much, much more

Our coaches/ mentors 

Jenny Wardle An inspirational coach, mentor and NLP and CBT psychotherapist. With 20 years experience as a highly successful and respected coach, mentor (to hundreds of people at all levels in many different organisations) and business transformation specialist Jenny has a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom to support you through whatever change you need to make now.

A challenging, astute, creative, innovative, energetic thought leader, facilitator, coach and passionate vision builder she is focused on enabling personal satisfaction and business performance. Operating at Board and senior management level she has supported CEOs and led organisation redesign/ HR/OD/ cultural change and business transformation programmes in over 40 public and private sector organisations, blue chip multi-nationals and SMEs (50-8000 employees).

Other Coaches and Mentors Whatever the issue our trained coaches and mentors are here to listen, support, challenge and mentor you to move on. They are all experienced in business and life and are trained as coaches, NLP Masters, psychologists and or psychotherapists. They’re available to support you in working through any issues you bring – business or personal. All are hand picked for their experience, expertise and behavioural sensitivity – they know when to drive for tougher outcomes and when to be empathetic and continuously produce high level results.

Challenging, thought provoking, empathetic and compassionate they know how to help you achieve lasting change.

Safety/ ethics Clients feel safe whilst often undergoing profound change because our coaches are professional, have integrity, work to strict ethical codes of practice  and have the ability to communicate and rapidly gain rapport with their clients.

Remember your coach is working for you – make the most of them


“It is only temporary, so live to our fullest.”  - Big Al Travis

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