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New to therapy? Start here to understand what it is, how it works & how I can help!


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My clients resolve their issues swiftly and leave enabled to sustain their change indefinitely.

People come to therapy for a variety of reasons: when they want things to be better or they feel they aren’t coping with the stresses of everyday life, sometimes a specific event has made them realise that something has to change but they can’t see how because it seems impossible for things to be any other way.

Often people they feel they are not ‘being’ their true selves and they don’t want to live their lives that way anymore, they want to stop ‘tripping’ themselves up,  to re-think their lives to lead the life they want, have better relationships, change careers, remove deep sadness, fear, guilt, lose weight…

Sometimes careers or relationships are floundering when they can be so much more.

Often it can feel like you have drawn the short straw, life is just not fair, is too lonely to bear or that nothing is worth the effort. Or perhaps you just can’t raise the energy to create the day or life you know could be yours if only things could be different.

This is where therapy can help. Reach-out, trust, commit to change and you can achieve that richer, deeper life.

Whatever your issue I can help you regain, or maybe find for the first time, the inner strengths and resources to live your life as fully and as healthily as you want to.

With many years experience as a highly successful and respected psychotherapist I have a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom to support you through whatever change you need to make. 

Using NLP and CBT I help clients quickly change restrictive patterns, perceptions and beliefs that underpin:

Depression                    Anxiety              Relationship issues     Career issues               

Conflict/ anger issues  Panic attacks    Loss/ bereavement     Phobias               

Childhood trauma        PTSD                  Low self- esteem

My driving force: to enable freedom of mind, spirit and action by helping my clients achieve congruence between their core being and their daily life so that every day brings the success, joy and fulfillment that satisfies their souls.


My credentials: PG Dip Psychotherapy, BA, PGCE, MCIPD, FRSA
  • Registered by UKCP

  • Accredited by NLPTCA 

  • Trained by Dr Susi Strang, a GP and NLPt psychotherapist of long standing who was internationally trained by the pioneers/ developers of NLP

  • CBT trained (University of West of England)

  • Trained coach: Roffey Park

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education

  • Degree in Biology

  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

  • An Organisational Development, Culture Change consultant, Coach and Mentor in major UK and International organisations since 1993

  • Past Fellow of RSA




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